Welcome to Elements Studio

Elements Studio is a custom built dance studio located in Ashford, Kent. We have a prime location on Repton Avenue by Waitrose.

Our beautiful studio is professionally decorated throughout and showcases 10 metres of gorgeous safety backed mirrors. The studio has a full central heating system and professional grade installed air con. Whatever the weather, you will always be able to train in comfort at Elements Studio.

Our studio has four X-Pole 3.5m professional dual lined competition poles which are fixed to the ceiling and stored using the revolutionary PoleAway system. This means that when the poles are not in use, they can be stored on the ceiling and the studio space can be optimised. All our poles are 40mm / 45mm width, as per the preference of our members. We don't have any old fashioned 50mm poles! All our poles can either be used as static or spinning poles - the choice is yours!

We have five professional aerial hoops from X Pole. All our Aerial Hoops are different sizes, so we have a suitable hoop for every height. From toddler to adult. Our hoops are rigged and mounted to the ceiling, using the very best equipment available from FireToys. All the hoops have been professionally taped to ensure extra grip whilst training.

We have six trapezes with different length ropes, to allow tricks to be preformed at both lower and higher heights. All the trapeze bars are taped in our signature blue colour, to allow extra grip.

We have seven sets of gorgeous Aerial Silks at different lengths to allow various rigging set ups. This allows us also offer Aerial Hammock lessons.

We have a wide range of training equipment at Elements Studio such as: Dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, yoga mats, foam rollers, stretch bands, weighted vests, gymnastic rings and more!