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Introduction to Aerial Hoop starts Friday 26th July. Click here for more info.

Welcome to

Elements Studio

At Elements, we love to offer fun, alternative fitness classes – which will have you smiling from start to finish! Long gone are the days where you dread your workout and count down the minutes until it’s over! Our classes are something you can really look forward to, every single week!

Our studio has recently undergone a refurbishment and we love being able to offer a ‘premium’ experience for our members. Our studio is custom built and designed specifically to run our classes. We have only the very best equipment and extremely experienced instructors, to give you a luxury experience.

Just so you know, there is absolutely no stereotype at Elements. It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to exercise or a regular at the gym, we welcome everyone to start or continue their fitness journey with us. We really do mean it when we say everyone is welcome. Whatever your gender, age, size, ethnicity, beliefs, etc... we are a safe space for you! Don’t be nervous, our super friendly team will make you feel right at home! 

We want your experience to feel personal. We want you to be able to spend time with your instructor, make friends in class and reach your goals quicker. For this reason, we keep our class sizes very small – with a maximum of 8 participants per session.  This gives you excellent value and most importantly, peace of mind knowing your instructor is available to assist you, whenever you need them.

What's your element?

I have been coming to classes for around 3 years now and thanks to the expert guidance of Lisa, Michelle and the team I am so proud of the progress I have made!

Sarah, Elements member


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